Addiction / NADA

The NADA (National Association for Detoxification with Acupuncture) protocol is the premier organic, non-pharmaceutical method for detoxifying patients off medication. This protocol is facilitated via auricular acupuncture(ear) and is generally performed daily. Patients generally feel very relaxed with a sense over overall well being during the treatment experience, which takes 20-40 minutes. There are definitive statistics from clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of the NADA protocol, a valuable adjunct therapy to counseling, AA, NA, and rehab programming. Thousands of clinics worldwide administer the treatments, some inpatient, some outpatient, some both.

James Hanlon AP is an expert in addressing addiction in the context of Eastern Medicine. He has a personal and professional commitment to working with addicts of all kinds, and is 30 years in recovery himself. Part of his mission is to be a catalyst in the recovery of consciousness and soul in as many people as possible, for he sees and experiences addiction as the key transformational dynamic of the New Age that is upon us. Currently he uses & blends the NADA protocol and NSEV system for treatment at several rehab centers and continues to look for more opportunities in the recovery field. He is available to speak and/or teach in corporate, clinical & other group settings about addiction & health & wellness related issues.

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