Consulting & Coaching

James has a long history of working with athletes, from beginners to professionals. He’s worked with hundreds of tennis players, volleyball players, runners, triathletes, racers, rowers, and martial artists, all in the context of consistently improving performance in their respective sports. Regardless of the athlete’s orientation or their chosen sport, competition is an emotional event that is observed and managed by the mind, and needs to be studied and trained like any physical movement or bio-mechanical technique. All competitors that want to maximize their potential require mental-emotional “competitor muscle” repetition and training, simply because that’s what’s running the show and usually the limiting factor during competition.

The programs Jim designs are also working with the client’s psyche in that the results  show up in other areas of their lives as well – very often we play sports the way we do life! When we achieve liberation from a pattern of behavior or way of competing, transformation occurs in the arena of sport, and in the arena of life, as they co-occur. There are different parts/levels to Jims work: coaching/motivational, sport psychology, diet and training balance, and an eastern component focused on “being” as opposed to “doing.” All performers require “being in the moment” consistently to access the upper range of their talents and skills under pressure, essentially the developed capacity to let it all go, forget the score or who’s winning/losing, and just play the game.

The unique eastern context in which Jim approaches each individual competitor presents an alternative to the traditional western sports psychology approach. This is rooted in yin/yang theory and offers clients a point of view about themselves and the collective culture they most likely cannot acquire from other coaches or consultants.

He also has a Corporate Athlete Track where he’s consulting with corporations or individual in business to optimize creativity, productivity, balance, endurance, and results.

He himself has been a competitive wrestler, cyclist, triathlete, played professional tennis, raced motorcycles professionally, and achieved Master Classification as an IDPA competitive shooter.

In addition to coaching and consulting he teaches many classes that benefit competitors: The Tao of the New Age, The Tao of Obsession and Addiction, The Extraordinary Vessels, The Five Elements of Eastern Medicine, and The Tao of Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong.

He’s been fortunate to coach and accompany athletes to many places in Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, The United States, and Costa Rica.

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