Creative Expression – Who We Are

The act of expressing one’s individual creativity is actually who we are. At a fundamental energetic level of the human being there is a need, a yearning, a deep innate desire for this aspect of our human condition to manifest into the world. It is part of our evolution, our capacity to adapt, in our DNA, our soul. Whether it be a painting for oneself to hang on the wall in the house or a consistent driving creative force in building a fortune 500 company – the energy of creative expression exists and has to go somewhere, up, down, in, out, doesn’t matter, it’s there and commands “beingness.”

Another way of saying this is deep spirit longs to connect to the ego for a harmonious expression of individuality and beauty, with divine inspiration flowing from the center out towards the periphery. Whether it’s music, writing, art, dance, pottery, poetry, acting, cultivating one’s garden, or creatively decorating one’s home or business, the energy is looking to go somewhere, it has to. This is not a passion that comes and goes, but an ever-present stream of life libido set in motion from the time of birth.


This passion also shows up in the world as an artful connection and expression towards business, politics, engineering, science, and of course mathematics! The right brained population of the world often sees the arts as the major arena for the expression of artistic energy, yet the left brainers have something to say about that! Granted many of the more analytic or rational ideas are market driven or solutions to problems, but a good number of the breakthroughs are passion driven as a result of an individual immersing themselves in a creative process for the love of their craft, either for themselves or with the motivation of making a contribution to the whole of their culture.

So the energy of creativity and inspiration must go somewhere, therefore it is looking for us. Looking for us – from within! Are we not also looking for inspiration?! Do we not feel better about ourselves, our children, relationships, work, when our connection to source is unhindered, and our personal creativity is flowing smoothly ? Why are some of us driven to heated levels of frustration and give up on our plans and dreams to create? Why are some even driven to madness? Depression? Anxiety? Why over the millennia has the process of creativity been such a mystery and caused so many issues for individuals and the collective culture at large?

Because this too is who we are! Depending on the scope, to experience mental, emotional, spiritual and physical difficulties arising as the result of engaging in the creative process is the human condition. It is life as it should be.

I’ve had the privilege of working with writers, painters, ballet dancers, athletes, graphic artists, as well as many other creative individuals, all for the purpose of unblocking, harmonizing, balancing, and/or building up their creative energy. They may have had a series of health concerns in addition to their creative issue, some connected and some not, but the creative block was foremost on their list of complaints and paramount to their state of mind, their lives. Weekly bodywork along with herbology served their creative process beautifully, their alchemical process of transformation unfolding over time. Some of these people were in very deep; depressed or defeated, anxiety ridden, with mood disorders, anger issues, headaches, digestive distress, migrating muscle pains, palpitations, insomnia, addictions, and more. Real fighters, in the jaws of the creative-block monster really struggling with their process, making big efforts to figure it out each and every day, every hour, every minute. When it’s not flowing it can really hurt. They lead me into their darkness and their light, over time we worked on accessing issues, source issues, reserves, moderating their spark so they could sleep, or lighting their fire so they could snap out of it and get back to work. Boundaries improved, time management got organized, or in some cases too much rigidity or control got “let go of”.

The healing arts allows practitioners and patients to share in the beautiful process of another human being experiencing, expressing, and fulfilling their greatness. There is nothing greater. Let us never forget the possibilities this presents us with, nor lose our passion for the creative and artistic energies unique to each and every one of us, after all – the expression of this is actually who we are.

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