Discovering Culture: The Society of the Four Arts in West Palm Beach

Nestled in the heart of West Palm Beach, The Society of the Four Arts stands as a beacon of culture and intellectual enrichment. Founded in 1936, this nonprofit cultural organization aims to inspire and educate through art, music, literature, and drama. Information can be found here.

Historic Foundation

The Society of the Four Arts was established by a group of residents with a vision to promote appreciation for the arts and humanities within the community. It was named in honor of the four major arts: drama, music, literature, and art, reflecting its commitment to offering diverse cultural experiences. See here for information about Exploring Elegance: The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum in West Palm Beach.

Art Exhibitions

The organization hosts rotating art exhibitions featuring works by both renowned and emerging artists. These exhibitions span various genres and styles, providing visitors with opportunities to explore contemporary trends and timeless classics alike.

Literary Programs

Literature enthusiasts can engage in stimulating discussions and lectures through the Society’s robust literary programs. Authors, poets, and literary critics often present their works and insights, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for literature.

Concerts and Performances

Music lovers can enjoy a diverse lineup of concerts and performances held throughout the year. The Society welcomes acclaimed musicians and performers who showcase their talents in classical music, jazz, opera, and more, enriching the cultural landscape of West Palm Beach.

Gardens and Architecture

In addition to its cultural offerings, The Society of the Four Arts boasts beautifully landscaped gardens and striking architecture. Visitors can stroll through serene gardens adorned with sculptures and tranquil water features, providing a peaceful retreat amidst artistic inspiration.

Visiting The Society of the Four Arts

Located at 2 Four Arts Plaza, West Palm Beach, FL, The Society of the Four Arts invites visitors to explore its exhibitions, attend performances, and participate in educational programs year-round. The organization’s dedication to fostering a love for the arts ensures a vibrant cultural experience for all who visit.


The Society of the Four Arts in West Palm Beach remains a cherished cultural institution, dedicated to enriching lives through art, music, literature, and drama. Whether you’re seeking artistic inspiration, intellectual stimulation, or simply a moment of tranquility in its gardens, The Society offers a welcoming environment for all to enjoy. Plan your visit and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of cultural exploration at The Society of the Four Arts.

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