Eastern Medicine Live

Eastern Medicine Live!

This DVD is unique in that it demonstrates a treatment of acupuncture being performed on an actual patient in front of a live audience. James Hanlon AP goes into detail about the context of Eastern Medicine and the value it has to offer as a powerful healing art. The major premise James is working from is that the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of the human condition are all taken into account in the practice of Eastern Medicine, and why that has such important applications for todays’ modern westerners. Emphasis on stress and pathogens. The patient’s symptoms get discussed openly and a treatment strategy is explained and administered. Modalities used: drag cupping, stationary cupping, needling of the back/back shu points, needling of the front using TCM & NSEV Extraordinary Vessel theory.

The patient’s issues get addressed at two different levels: (1)clearing of a pathogen and (2) the Yangwei Mai gets addressed using the Non Somatic Extraordinary Vessel treatment system developed by Daniel Atchison-Nevel.

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