I cannot say enough about my experience at Shenque Healthcare. Were it not for Jim Hanlon, I would have gone ahead and had surgery on my ankle, that I now realize was totally unnecessary. I’ve gotten relief from the pain, and the acupuncture has stimulated more blood flow in the area – what was once chronically coming and going is now healed. And – I would have been taking prescription hormone medication – that I now know is dangerous, clearly not good for my health, and certainly not the only option for me while going through menopause. He helped get back to my exercise routine quickly, and totally relieved me from the night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings. I’ve sent him many patients and will continue to do so.

I went to James Hanlon as a referral from my physical therapist. Although I’d tried acupuncture in Chinatown in NYC, I couldn’t understand what that guy was telling me! My ankle was chronically aching, my knee hurt, and I had occasional flare-ups of tennis elbow. I’d stopped most forms of exercise and gained weight – couldn’t play golf, tennis, ride a bike, really anything. My orthopedist had referred me to a surgeon. Thank god I didn’t do that! Within a few weeks I was getting relief and in two months was back at the exercise. I went occasionally for what I called a tune-up – and he helped me with my back and my digestion too! Highly recommend him.

I first met Jim Hanlon at Wholly Harvest Natural Foods Market, where he gave a short talk about acupuncture and Eastern medicine. Subsequently, I went to see two other acupuncturists speak at other public locations. I then called Jim for an appointment. I was at the beginnings of feeling “warm” – the prelude to hot flashes, which I knew, after listening to my girlfriends, were to be avoided at all costs! The difference between Jim and most other practitioners is that Jim gives you 100% of his attention; he listens closely; he asks pertinent questions; he gives useful feedback. As a result of this first visit, I began a short series of acupuncture treatments, and started taking Traditional Chinese Medicine in drops and in powder. I continue taking the drops twice daily. I have not yet progressed to hot flashes, and I believe that as long as I continue to take the drops, I will not experience them!

As a result of this good experience, I went to see Jim when I had the early stages of a cold. Jim gave me an acupuncture treatment, and some drops, and one hour later my ears were no longer blocked. Twenty-four hours later I no longer had any cold symptoms!

I continue to use Jim as my “primary care physician” because he has the skills to stop the symptoms and alleviate the condition faster, and more economically, than any allopathic physician I have ever seen. Jim is more easily available than a traditional M.D.; his treatments have no adverse side effects; and the price is right!

I have referred everyone I know to Jim. His diagnostic abilities are amazing; he never fails to listen; he takes everything into account; he treats me holistically – he treats “all” of me. To Jim, I am not a sore throat, or a congested chest; I am a person who has a mind, a body, and a spirit. Jim takes all of me into account before making up my prescription, so that the remedy created addresses all my concerns.

Because of my positive experiences with Jim and his office, I do not hesitate to recommend him. In fact, I carry extra business cards of his with me, so that when the conversation turns to alternative medicine, I am ready to share my experience with Jim and provide his contact information.

I arrived at Shenque Healthcare with my husband, having never had acupuncture before and not knowing what to expect – skeptical. I was referred there by my surgical podiatrist who had referred patients there over the years, and who had received treatment herself – with good results from Jim Hanlon. I went in for a frozen shoulder, but soon found out that Chinese medicine could help me with other issues too. I was amazed how the acupuncture and the herbs helped relieve my pain, and I eventually regained full use of my shoulder without the suggested surgery!

I went to Jim Hanlon as a referral from my psychotherapist – for depression. I’d tried different kinds of psychotropic drugs to help manage my mood swings – the side effects out weighed the benefits. I was in awe of how immediately he understood what was going on with me, and how he could actually explain what was going on with me in terms of a mind-body connection. I began to realize how directly related my bodily physiology was to my depression, and how my specific typology in acupuncture and Chinese herbs had me be depressed in a very specific way. He called the Chinese medicine “organic medicine” and said that depression was an organic development in myself and in our culture – I was so relieved and my progress in therapy made quite a leap. I felt better and have continued treatment on and off for years – whenever things feel out of harmony Jim helps me get back to feeling more myself.

Years ago my diagnosis was IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I was also told I had ulcerative colitis. My MD and the gastroenterologist told me I would probably be on medication for the rest of my life that could effect my kidneys and liver. I went to Shenque Healthcare as a last resort really, and was so pleased that within two weeks my digestion began to work better. In two months most of my symptoms disappeared, and now I have no digestive issues at all. I learned a lot about how stress and emotion effect my digestion. The acupuncture was wonderful but I really think it was the herbs too that over months made a big difference with the bowels. And my energy improved significantly just like Dr. Hanlon said, because the quality of my digestion plays a major role in the quality of nutritive absorption, and that’s where energy comes from. He was a real life saver and I’ve sent him all kinds of patients – including my daughter!

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